The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement

…When students report feeling support from both home and school,
they tend to do better in school. They say that they have more self-confidence and feel
school is more important. Data indicate that they also are less disruptive, earn higher
grades, and are more likely to go to college (Gutman and Midgley, Sanders and
Herting, Shumow and Lomax, Trusty). Although several studies compare home versus
school settings for parent involvement to see which have stronger effects, it is clear that
both are important:

• At school, parents learn how to engage their children in learning at home, get help
if their children are struggling, and form a constructive relationship with teachers
(Izzo et al., Miedel and Reynolds).

• At home, parents guide their children toward postsecondary education, make sure
they read and do their homework, and stress the value of education. They also
steer children away from risky behavior, help them maintain positive attitudes, and
support them through problems at school (Catsambis, Fan, and Chen; Shumow
and Lomax; Trusty).

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